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Ongoing Web Care &  Support

It’s exciting once you have your new (or revamped) website launched. You will no doubt want to have someone to call when you have questions, someone to maintain updates, security and backups.

What is the Web Care Plan?

It is designed to give you peace of mind once your site goes live, or even for an existing site. There are plenty of elements involved in the upkeep of a website, and most importantly, there are plenty of security considerations.

Ensuring your website system and software is up to date can be a time-consuming process, and even more so if you are not familiar with what needs to be done. Regular website backups and security monitoring is vital.

We have the BASIC package which will cover the – well, basics! We also have the BETTER package, and then the PREMIUM. If you want the ‘burger with the lot’, there’s the ULTIMATE package. Each package offers a varied range of services. No contracts involved and you can cancel anytime.

We like to offer this ongoing support to ensure your website remains safe and operates well – and so you can get back to doing what you do best – running your business!.